Apulia. A place where different races and cultures have always fused harmoniously, constantly filling a chalice of creativity and beauty that wells up and overflows. Melpot is a celebration of this melting pot which Natuzzi Italia epitomises in its designs and lifestyle.


Extra modularity

Melpot is a symbol of modularity taken to its logical conclusion, making it the star of living space. All the individual elements are interchangeable and can be repositioned as desired, or used singly. This modular sofa is perfect for those who want to customize their comfort and their living.

Optional ottomans, drawers, bookcase components and surfaces can extend the versatility of the Melpot system, available in every linear and corner configuration, with or without chaise-longue. These elements complete the modular system and makes it functional and aesthetically perfect.

Extensible functionality


Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics and leather (fabrics are also interchangeable).

Each cushion, being covered on all sides , can also be used alone and in different rooms of the house.

Mauro Lipparini designer

Lipparini is an eclectic architect and designer who expresses his creativity in all areas: complex industrial projects, interior architecture, installations, study of products. He is one of the leading figures of "Italian minimalism", internationally successful, and his talent earned him many recognitions. Recognized in competitions around the world such as the Good Design® Global Awards.
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