The living area is enhanced with the curvy lines of the modular, powder varnished light gold metal: Tide bookcase.
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The shelves echo the wavy movement of the tides and create an ideal flowing motion around the room. The modules, available in two sizes, allow endless compositions.


Curved steel structure with laser-cut sheeting, polished and powder coated in a light gold finish with a smooth matte texture. The special coating contains a
protective and decorative finish that guarantees superior scratch resistance, exceptional durability and easy cleaning.

Nika Zupanc designer

Nika Zupanc redefines the world of interior design in her own personal, poetic and distinctly feminine fashion. Her objects defy rationality and create an intimate, emotional and intuitive dimension. Her visual language aims to “communicate things that cannot be said”, pushing back the frontiers of materials and possibilities to breathe life into refined pieces that have been meticulously crafted and curated. This is why Elle USA used the words “punk elegance” to describe her work. Her installations are on display on the most important art galleries in the world and are often the product of partnerships and special projects, like that with the Rossana Orlandi Gallery of Milan. She takes an eclectic approach that bridges the gap between art and design and, over time, this has led her to take on interior-design projects that she follows from A to Z, curating them down to the tiniest detail with a sophisticated aesthetic packed with motifs and references that turn up everywhere in true Giò Ponti style. Her holistic mindset helped to bring about the encounter with Natuzzi, as it is in perfect keeping with the brand's “total-harmony” philosophy. And so, a collection came into being that focuses on waves, their visual impact and the inner mood they create because each piece has been devised for life seen as an emotionally-charged experience and a dwelling for the soul. A collection you can find yourself in, lulled by the reassuring familiarity of the sea and the eternal beauty of Mediterranean nature - a source of shared inspiration for Natuzzi and Zupanc.
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