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How to choose the right sofa?

What are the made of the house on which more unconscious naps are made? Who is the undisputed king of the living room?

The sofa.

Choosing the sofa is never easy because there are many factors to keep in mind.

With this post, we want to help you clarify the ideas on which to choose.


It may seem like obvious information, but it is not. Knowing measures and measures of the living room.

The wrong shape and size can significantly penalize the room in which it will be placed. If the couch was too large, it would be hard for you moving correctly. While a sofa too small would create the feeling of a disproportionate empty space.

So how much does a sofa fit?

There are no fixed and unambiguous dimensions, but maximum and minimum ranges. In length, the sofas range from 120 cm up to 200 cm and over (3 seater maxi sofas or 4 seats and more). In width from to minimum of 70 to a maximum of 100 cm. In general, the size depends on the number of people the sofa will host.

For each seat, a minimum of 60 cm must be considered, even if the minimum width to be comfortable is 90 cm for each place.

Keep these measures in mind, because they will be useful. The armrests are another element with a crucial role.

If you have small space and you are the first place, you might consider taking a model without armrests. In fact, the minimum of each armrest is 10 cm, but in some models, it can even reach 20 cm.


?Coating: Natural fibers with removable covers: linen, cotton … their greater density (higher resistance to wear). Each company then has a series of numbers and letters that indicate the strength of various yarns, so it is not possible to make a unique classification.

?Leather: the best is the full grain, which stands out for the presence of superficial wrinkles and grain changes. The higher the resistance, the better resistance to seams and stresses.

?Eco-leather: it is a synthetic product, treated ecologically. The law established the maximum number of chemical agents that can be used for a material to be called that.

?Faux leather: it can be obtained by spreading plastic material on a fabric such as natural linen such as. It is produced with polymeric agents.

?Microfiber: it is usually skinny polyester so that it is possible to weave more threads per centimeter.


There are two possibilities:

?Choose neutral shades that are always green, to be paired with parotid accessories with intense colors,
Choose a strong color to combine with walls and accessories in light or neutral colors.

?Much also depends on the brightness of the room. We can give brightness with a light sofa. Instead, with neutral-toned floors, such as gray, we can give to choose the sofa in a truly character color.

What will you choose?

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