WALLPAPER: Cannabis by design: the brands redefining marijuana

Design redefines the marijuana experience

Contemporary brands have made efforts to redesign the experience of cannabis: from sleek dispensaries to elegant objects, these are the names to look out for

Edition X 

Designed by StudioAC, this retail store for Canadian cannabis brand Edition X, located in Toronto’s Annex district, is functional but also tactile, conceptual and visually arresting. StudioAC directors Jennifer Kudlats and Andrew Hill describe the project as ‘retail sculpture’. They say, ‘Rather than the act of designing shelves, displays or sales desks, we wanted to produce a singular design element, a sculpture of sorts that has its own aesthetic quality and massing that simultaneously is inspired by existing conditions while also setting out to define new ones.’ The relatively narrow interior is now defined by an elongated central form that draws the eye and brings everything together. Its design consists of a table element and ceiling made from off-the-shelf, industrial fibreglass grating. The white and grey colour palette keeps everything crisp and minimalist, allowing the shapes and products to take centre stage. A front of house gallery space cleverly screens the retail area beyond, adhering to Canada’s regulations that require these stores to be discreet in their promotion of cannabis culture.

Mae x Joe Doucet

New York-based designer Joe Doucet has created a line of cannabis accessories for newly-launched brand MAE. Hailing from LA and founded by fashion entrepreneur Armen Gregorian, the brand’s name stands for ‘Mind at Ease’, a motto inspired by Gregorian’s own quest for a more natural nightly ritual in place of his habitual glass of wine. The collection designed by Doucet includes a pipe, a humidor, an ashtray, a grinder, a clip and a water pipe, while MAE also offers luxury cannabis oil vaporizers, cartridges, a CBD oil vaporizer and micro THC and CBD vaporizers, created to offer ‘an elevated take on cannabis’. Gregorian also developed odorless cartridges, conceived to make the experience as discreet as possible.

Omura by Michael Young

Designed by Michael Young, next-generation cannabis device Omura Series X is a new whole flower vaporizer fitted with a heat-not-burn technology. The device allows for the benefits of the whole flower without the combustion, and the brand offers uniquely developed flowersticks (sativa, indica, hybrid, or CBD) to deliver a precise dose with each use. The sleek device created by Young conceals the technology and is available in slate, gold, quartz and jade. ‘Like drinking wine, the Omura Series X allows users to choose the right amount by layering Flowersticks. This lets people perfect their dose and unwind without worry,’ says Co-CEO Michael Simpson. ‘It exemplifies cannabis consumption as nature intended it.’

Serra By Hemson

Cannabis lifestyle brands Serra and Hemson Goods have joined forces to create a series of functional accessories and tools to neatly fit into contemporary homes. Featuring a chill box, a grinder, a box, a tray and pre-roll tip, the series is defined by a minimalist aesthetic and natural materials. The objects are tactile, their ergonomic forms crafted from solid beechwood and characterized by smooth, tactile surfaces to elevate the experience while maintaining an elegant appearance.


A design concept to ‘elevate the future of cannabis’, Alchemy an immersive retail space, opening in Toronto. Conceived by local interior designer Paolo Ferrari, the space aims at delivering ‘a cerebral experience infused with artistry, nature, and technology.’ The store’s setting blends minimal and theatrical interiors, with practical contemporary touches such as digital viewers to discover the products and an aluminium self-checkout table, which glides through the space thanks to custom wheels running on a track on the floor. Ferrari combined natural terracotta brick, terrazzo, aluminium, mirrored surfaces and greenery throughout the store, creating an eclectic environment. Says the designer: ‘for us, the store is somewhere between a laboratory and temple. The best retail environments are about celebrating the human experience and presenting highly considered, multi-sensory environments.’ §

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