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With Muji offering everything from erasers to three-storey homes, running cafes, bakeries and even a couple of campsites in Japan, a hotel was bound to happen sooner rather than later, with the first of three planned properties having just opened in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. 

While the actual operation of the hotels will be handled by third parties, Muji has developed the interior design and the concept behind the properties. The goal is to offer not just a bed for the night, but also a kind of test space for guests to experience the retail company’s innovative products and, at the same time, provide feedback that might give rise to new merchandise. 

In following the brand’s general outlook, the hotels promises a simple, no-frills design and will of course be stocked with iconic Muji homeware such as simple wooden beds, comfy sofas, thick cotton towels and amenities in clear plastic bottles.

As for the 79-room Shenzhen Hotel, it is housed in a multi-use facility called UpperHills at the heart of the city, not far from public transport links that can easily whizz you to luxury shopping malls like Coco Park or to attractions such as Window of the World, a collection of 150 replicas of world sights. Although for a more personal take, the property will post its favourite local hotspots to the brand’s global Instagram account. Inside, there is also an all-day Diner which serves up breakfasts and simple meals; and of course, a large two-storey store selling the best of what the brand has to offer.

Up next, are properties in Beijing and in Tokyo, the latter said to open in 2019 in Ginza on the top floors of a brand new 10-storey Muji flagship, poised to be the largest Muji store in the world.


already with 47 australian institute of architects awards to his name, peter stutchbury was awarded the australian institute of architects’ gold medal in 2015, joining the prestigious ranks of glenn murcutt, richard laplastrier, and many more. it is no wonder…