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Minimalism had dominated the modern design industry over the past decade, eminently galvanised by the upscale popularity of Apple’s aesthetic which had guided our perspective of beauty for years. However, in the modern times of 2018, the appreciation of asceticism had abated with the new uprise of Maximalism.

On April 2018, a new uprise of Maximalism had shocked the trendsetting design week at Milan with the greatest comeback of extravagant furniture and ostentatious home decor designs. Suffused with the embracement of luxurious materials and textures, testing bold silhouettes and adding more details for visually compelling products and furnishings.

Da Vinci Lifestyle caters to its savvy customers looking to indulge in the ‘more is more’ philosophy of maximalist design with its range of over 150 international designer furniture brands.

Let us look at how you can be an early adopter of this trend, transforming your living and work spaces using an array of colors, patterns, and textures with the high end luxury furniture brands under Da Vinci Lifestyle.

Art Deco

Art Deco embodies the glamorous and luxurious. Metallic finishes, opulent materials, and clear geometric motifs are all elements of the Art Deco style that commands attention. Design that is not afraid of speaking out is the vogue; something that Art Deco design does best.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/retail/fendi-casa/#1484235114843-7609c274-0d2729a0-4fc949c7-39f6

High-end luxury furniture brand Fendi Casa, with its luxury designer furniture goes beyond simply hinting at glamour. It is representative of the dazzle & flash of Art Deco.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/product-detail/ford/

The Ford Dining Table, with its veneered wood top and metal base bronze shadow, is not merely functional, it is also aesthetically sublime. The strong, pronounced geometric lines make it a conspicuous piece of furniture. However, instead of sticking out due to its lurid nature, it fills in a void, the feeling that something is missing that permeates prior to its addition. Its inclusion allows a space to transcend from being a mere location into a modern artistic masterpiece. It is made with premium materials that are built to last; an excellent, timeless choice.

 Self Discovery

Finding the best decor is not just about looking at the best luxury furniture brands, it is also about having furniture complement each other through experimentations with different exquisite combinations of colors, patterns, and textures, creating an atmosphere that is more than the sum of its parts.https://www.davincilifestyle.com/retail/natuzzi/#1484302216393-e7026197-c891b50d-e8535692-88e9

The sofas and armchairs of Pasquale Natuzzi showcase the myriad options an italian furniture brand can offer in pursuit of the perfect fit for all customers with the luxury of choosing from a palette of transcendental design qualities.


Natuzzi’s smart living project based on Internet of Things technology. The Colosseo Sofa by Mauro Lipparini has its own shape and texture, able to influence the ambience of a living room in unique ways. The Colosseo Sofa are stellar examples of the craftsmanship involved in luxury italian furniture and are powerful choices to go along with any accessories you may want to include as a part of your maximalist decor. Thus, technology has never been so close to design and comfort.

Natuzzi’s Colosseo Sofa, the fusion of technology, sophistication and idiosyncrasy of maximalism.

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